First let me say, thank you for visiting Resist Studios. This place is a work in progress. When I first envisioned Resist Studios I was in a somewhat legalistic frame of mind. However, now I realize I am nothing but a fallible man prone to mistakes like every other human being born after the fall.

I want to say this secondly, if anyone one, be it Christian, Professor, whoever attempts to present themselves as perfect…they are wrong. None of us are perfect until we become complete in Christ. We may get closer to a perfect walk, but sin can creep up on you when you least expect it. More on this later, in a study. Suffice to say, I still view myself as a watchman, so I pray you find edification in the scriptures below.

My story is not that unique. I grew up in the church due to the influence of my grandparents and my mother. My late grandfather was one of my biggest mentors before he passed in 2007. Since then I have ventured into the realm of apologetics, history, and textual criticism among other things involving understanding the Bible and why I believe what I believe. I was saved in my youth and healed in my youth from asthma instantly. The doctors had no idea what happened, I did not grow out of the asthma, I no longer have attacks, it was gone over night. Since then I have been in a struggle with my dedication, “tossing to and fro” as the Bible would say. Again, I’m not going to feint perfection because I am imperfect. In my teenage years I ventured into secular things despite my belief and allowed some negative things to be introduced into my life. In the Christian community hypocritical judgment is ripe. I won’t get into a preachy message here about whether or not we should judge or judge not, because we all make judgments, but I will remind you that nobody is perfect. We, as Christians are all striving for perfection through God. Can the Holy Spirit cleanse you of your struggles with sin? Yes. Can this happen immediately at your acceptance of Christ and reception of salvation? Yes. Does the latter happen for every individual? No. Better yet, can this happen at the point of salvation and then one gradually falls behind in allowing the Holy Spirit to change oneself? Yup, can happen. Whether or not this all means one is saved or not is for another time, but the point here is that perfection is found in God and we are human. Your pastor is human, there are scriptural guidelines he should abide by, but at the end of the day the flaws of a human being whether in official church leadership or unofficial leadership should not be the deciding factor of your eternal salvation.

Nevertheless, continuing on about me, from there I became overwhelmingly fearful of many things a grown man should not be afraid of, including death. Things would literally haunt and taunt me at night. I was not crazy. Nevertheless, over time I grew tired of the torture and one night called out to God again. He spoke to me through his Word, mainly the epistles to Timothy and for a time I thought I should be a minister. However, again I am imperfect. I spoke at a Church event, but since then allowed a few negative influences back into my life and have been cleaning them up since. The Lord is doing a work on me.

Recently I transferred out of Art School into Liberty University’s Philosophy and Religion program. I graduated September of last year, thus I want to share information with anyone who will listen. Lastly, I want to stress again that no man is perfect. I want to add that no one should take my direct word for anything, go read it for yourself and learn it for yourself to strengthen your faith in Christ.

Finally, Resist Studios believes there is only one way to heaven and that pathway is through the blood of Jesus. Meaning belief and trust in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. There are no other paths, no other gateways. We believe Lucifer is the Devil, he is not some Light-bearer some would make him out to be, he is the adversary. We believe all who die in their sins, or choice to not trust in Jesus Christ go to hell, although God would prefer all go to heaven. We believe in the inerrancy of the Bible as well as literal interpretations along with intellectual understanding in pursuit of growing from milk to meat. However, we also believe in simply believing because sometimes we need to be as little children…humble before the Lord.

Resist Studios is a watchman website aimed at those close to me for now, but who knows what God has in store for it. There will be Bible Study videos for adults and children, videos focused on the signs of the times, heresies, etc. Please feel free to comment on anything you find interesting, but be respectful.

P.S. If any of this is offensive to you, we strongly urge you to stay. 😉